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Camden Town has always been famous for its creativity and diversity. Our team at Mega City Comics is committed to keep that spirit alive through the wonderful medioum of sequential art!

Meet the fantastic indipendent writers and artists exhibiting their creations in our store!

Neon Gutter Cat

“Neon Gutter Cat” is a guided visual dream diary tour of the human subconscious, where the dreams attempt to relate and evaluate the depression and loneliness that we all face as members of humanity in a sometimes cold and cruel world.

Demitri Vassiliadis is an illustrator and Graphic Novelist from London, currently based in Tokyo, Japan. He draws inspiration from the unique urban landscapes, and the legions of people found between our industrial society. In his work characters in states of crisis inhabit dark, dreamlike worlds in which the line between the synthetic and natural is blurred beyond distinction. The environments are often characters in themselves, and themes of depression and loneliness are explored through horrific and surreal like imagery.

Neon Gutter Cat

Laserman #1

LASERMAN is the World's First Indian-American Superhero.

Created and copyrighted in 1985 by NYC public high school art teacher RAJIVE ANAND when he was just twelve years old, LASERMAN™ is the story of WILLIAM KHAN, a high school student from Jackson Heights, who, through a technological device, miraculously transformed into PURE ENERGY.

In an epic story of discovery and transformation that spans East and West, our young hero William realizes that he has the ability to travel on any form of communication- as pure energy- at the speed of light. He also fires a laser from his third eye- but at what cost to himself and to the
people he loves?

This comic reads like a classic, echoing the likes of Amazing Fantasy #15, and Rajive is an extremely enthusiastic creator, he brough Laserman to life with all his heart and sweat!

Follow the adventures of Laserman and his creator at

Foreign iComix

‘Disclaimer: This comic merely compiles the fears, expectations and delusions of some human beings on planet Earth in 2018. This is not an instruction manual or a manifesto. By reading this you consent to being groped by it’s pages and molested psychologically by it’s ideas and concepts’

The Fragment