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Camden Town has always been famous for its creativity and diversity. Our team at Mega City Comics is committed to keep that spirit alive through the wonderful medium of sequential art!

Meet the fantastic indipendent writers and artists exhibiting their creations in our store!

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The Melenbakah Scrolls

Written and Drawn by Daniel Christie

The Melenbakah Scrolls is a sacred document protected by the Difindir People of ancient Africa for millennia. A sacred document that outlines the history between the human race, and the Melohim, the ancient race of extraterrestrials who engineered humanity, and gave birth to the original Demigods.
A shadowy government organisation has been hunting the scrolls over many centuries in order to find out how they can prevent the prophecy within the scrolls

Daniel Christie is a London based artist who was raised in Coventry. Daniel is a graphic novelist, writer, and aspiring rapper @D'DanArtist . This is the second installation in his growing list of graphic novels.
Drawing from many influences and diving into many topics, Daniel likes to mix social commentary, community representation, and sci-fi/fantasy into his stories.

the melenbakah scrolls

30 Comics About Absolutely Nothing...

Written and Drawn by Lucy Ellis

Through writing a comic every day for a month it compiles together the thoughts and situations of daily life. This daily life is presented through satire, comedy and British humour. Each comic is about anything and everything, making them about absolutely nothing!

The comics are all hand drawn and aren’t edited leaving them in a raw form presenting the reality of the mundane every day. Through not allowing editing we are able to appreciate the process of change in terms of style, aesthetic and storyline as we read. As the comics progress, the artists character is adapted, and they begin to appear in the comics presenting their opinion and point of view.

Lucy Ellis is a London based animator and illustrator. Her practice revolves around everyday life and exploring the contrast between digital and non-digital/traditional methods of working. Her instagram is @lucyellisart

30 comics about absolutely nothing

Establishing Shot #1

Written by Will O'Mullane
Drawn by Alfie Gallagher @alfiegallaghercreative ,Lane Lloyd @lanedoodlesgood, Edison Neo @neocomicart, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou @hassoe, Jonathan Stevenson @jm_stevenson, Daniel Romero @roomeroart, Clark Bint @clarkbintart, Butch Mapa @butchmapa, Alex Moore @alexmooreillustration

Warning! This comic features:

Sentient caption boxes!
An old guy with a flame thrower!
Ninja Santa Claus!

This two-in-one anthology features stories that range from the comedic and meta, to the hard-boiled and criminal, to some things exisiting in-between.

Will O'Mullane is a writer based in London, UK. He works in communications, and holds an MA in Modern and Contemporary Writing. When not making stuff, he likes to stress about leaving the oven on. You can follow him on @willomullane

establishing Shot #1

Snack Pack Bunch #1

Written by Lenny & Jamie
Drawn by Lenny

In a Nebula Far FAR away. Five disregarded sentient fast food snacks get caught up in the aftermath of a post apocalyptic derelict fast food restaurants misadventures.

From cannibal burger brothers to annoying ghost wizards that ruin parties come and join us by grabbing a copy!

Lenny is a doughy mess of a man, mostly found in a dark room alone making things and inhaling way too much resin from toy making. He is a motion graphic designer based in london

Jamie AKA "the mental void" a writer and movie extra actor based in london, currently training in the art of art and more art to give Lenny a helping hand with illustrating our comic!

Visit Lenny's store to support or grab yourself a collectable toy!
or follow them @snackpackbunch

snack pack bunch #1

JUNK (#2)

The second instalment of the comic anthology JUNK. Issue 2, draws on Sam Baldwin’s own experience of living on a North London estate for three years. He would often spend time staring out of his third floor bedroom window, overlooking a communal playground and outdoor gym, wondering about the other people who called the estate home. From his view, he could also spy the towering skyscrapers of the City of London where big dreams and big money are made – flashy lifestyles that felt another world away from Sam and his neighbours.

The Estate takes us on a wandering tale through the lives of the block’s most curious inhabitants, narrated by two elderly residents, Dotti and Dora. Gossip is rife amongst the neighbours and with so many people living so tightly packed together, there’s a lot to gossip about. In these dwellings, we encounter real life superheroes and some not so super, secretive individuals, daydreaming kids, the largest Orthodox Jewish community in Europe and the new tenants gentrifying the block.

Taking inspiration from slice of life films by directors such as Mike Leigh and Chris Petit, Sam also looks to writers like John Rogers and Iain Sinclair who explore what cities and places really mean. At the heart of it, The Estate is a love story about social housing, and in a world of likes and online popularity, the importance of giving people who might seem uninteresting or unimportant, a story.

Follow Sam on Instagram @sambaldwinillustration

junk #2

Vicera, Cera

Written and Drawn by Claude T C

a high octane improvised adventure, as two absolutely knackered space traversing buds (immortal human, 4 armed alien engineer) are hounded by cyborgs with a really daft name.

Follow Claude on Twitter @captainclaude

vicera, cera

Seller on the Threshold

Written and Drawn by Claude T C

A short improvised sci-fi comedy, in which an immortal man and a four armed alien engineer discover the Lynchian nightmare hidden within the Hero's Journey monomyth.

Follow Claude on Twitter @captainclaude

Bandit Cat Crew TP Vol 1

Written and Drawn by Tom Wilson

The evil Vanaris is free from his icy tomb! Hellbent on revenge and armed with a plan so fiendish he aims to destroy the gods themselves. The magical stone tablets created by his father make this all the more easy. Although, enemies from far and wide will stop at nothing to attain this power!

There's one thing that no one counted on... THE BANDIT CAT CREW! With their speed, cunning and power will they stand a chance against a would be god?! Only time will tell. Perhaps Vanaris will be the least of their worries.......

From creator Tom Wilson comes "Bandit Cat Crew" combining action, humour, magic, martial arts and supernatural suspense, these adventures will leave you clawing for the next issue!
Tom Wilson is an artist and creator from Manchester in the United Kingdom. Starting
out his career as a street artist, he quickly moved into developing story boards which built a strong passion for comic book art. Using his skill set brought him into teaching children and teenagers with difficult pasts. Allowing them to express themselves through the arts. He now works as a full time artist and self published writer.

"I've always enjoyed writing stories, and applying the strong colourful visuals that I grew up with, what I like to call "the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons!" I have been fortunate to teach and work with a variety of individuals from different walks of life, bringing us all together through the craft of art. I thank everyone that supports my journey as an artist and a writer. I am incredibly grateful, and I hope to expand my catalogue in an industry that is starting to recognise the independent creator. This is an exciting age of new storytellers.... The next generation of comics"

Tom Wilson currently writes two ongoing comic book series BANDIT CAT CREW and VICTOR VAMPS. Both titles under his own publishing house MERAKI COMICS.

Follow him on Instagram @merakicomics86

bandit cat crew


Written and Drawn by Vik Deluca

The much divided people of Earth find themselves unprepared when a race of alien warlords takes advantage of their shortsighted social and political conflicts to wage global war. The only hope for survival against the ultimate threat from outer space is to look within ourselves.... and hopefully find something weaponsable?!?

A short manga zine squeezed in 8 pages by aspiring writer and artist Vik Deluca (Daydreaming, Abrasive). Support him by purchasing a copy of Unity, all funds will go towards paying his lavishly expensive lifestyle.

Vittorio 'Vik' Deluca is a comic book artist and illutrator based in London, UK. During the day he manages the store you are on right now, during the night he keeps drawing and rewatching episodes of Attack On Titan over and over.

You can grab a copy of Unity and support him on his Instagram @vikdelucacomics


Vampire Free Style

The award nominated comic book series Vampire Free Style now collected in one volume.
A witch boy in training is looking for his girlfriend who mysteriously vanished. Whilst searching for her he meets Micia, a stray black cat who speaks with the stars in the night sky and knows something about the missing girl:
something connected to a magic necklace, a vampire looking for his memories and a 300-years old forbidden love.

Jenika ioffreda is the creator of "Vampire Free Style", self-published and award nominated comic book series about a black cat in a world of vampires, magic and witches.
The series has sold over 5,000 copies in comic conventions around Europe, has been praised by reviewers, has a loyal following and has been requested as set-dressing for the movie “This Must Be The Place”.
Jenika is an extremely active presence in the European comic conventions circuit with more than 200 appearances over the years. Her works have been also used for merchandising, artbooks, CD covers, musical theatre
and children stories.

Find her at

vampire free style

Lady & The Trump

When ex-Star Commando Bryn Starchaser is invited to the White House to teach Melania Trump English, he discovers that the Doomsday Clock is not the only thing creeping around midnight.
A 60page full colour space-time noir with cheese-dip faced dames, Venusian ghouls, mermen, psoriatic balls and, of course, the Trump family stump. Blood, sleaze and barftastic gags.
Rated X.

Barry has two ongoing series: The Fermenting Men, about heavy drinking and cosmic horror, and the sci-fi comedy Adventures of Bryn Starchaser, about an English teacher/ Star commando. He earns grey hair and mini-bucks as a teacher.
Follow him on Instagram at #NAME?

lady & the trump


Welcome to London 3026, the grimmest of futures. Meet Jon Sherlock, the sole survivor of bizarre experiments which sent others quite insane. Cybernetic implants have altered Jon's consciousness and gift him with the ability to hack into any electronic systems, but at a cost; he can feel the edges of his humanity collapsing. In an uncaring world the TechnoFreak numbs his pain with alcohol and cancer sticks, barely holding on to his sanity.
TechnoFreak is a combination of the best sci-fi and film noir. It's Blade Runner on acid, mixed with outrageous laugh-out-loud humour. This is one comic sensation not to be missed. Don't wait for the movie. Read the comic.

JOHN CHARLES is a professional comic book artist and colourist. He's been a graphic designer for Trident Comics, drawn/digitally painted covers and illustrated some Future Shocks for 2000AD, provided cover art for Antarctic Press and IDW in the U.S., and coloured Spectacular Spider-Man and a variety of other strips for Panini UK's Marvel Heroes comic. He also co-wrote a three-part story for them co-starring Spider-Man and the X-Men. John has lectured in comic book art at Staffordshire University on and off for several years. Most recently, he's been a regular colourist on Sinister Dexter and Judge Dredd for 2000AD. John likes custard and Bakewell tarts and beetroot and jacket potatoes, amongst other things.

BARRY MAY has written some things over the years, including the aforementioned Spider-Man / X-Men team-up (Spectacular Spider-Man 134 - 136) with John. He also worked with John to create the much-loved books 'Tiger J. Jackson and The School for Weird Kids,' and 'Kiri, the Fairy Barmaid.' In his spare time, he likes to make up words and use them invulcerously, though obviously not at weekends or in mixed company.

TOM NEWELL hails from Birmingham, UK. When he's not drawing comics he's reading them. After too many years of labouring jobs Tom has decided to follow his dream and become a comic artist! Tom is currently attending a cartoon and comic art degree course at Staffordshire University. Sunday Lunch Comics are expecting even greater things from Tom in the future. He's one to watch! NIKKI FOXROBOT has over ten years' experience of lettering and logo creation, including work for Dark Horse Comics, The Black Library/Games Workshop, and BSkyB. Despite the name, Nikki is not a robot, but she is a fox.

Follow their work at

TechnoFreak 1

Neon Gutter Cat

“Neon Gutter Cat” is a guided visual dream diary tour of the human subconscious, where the dreams attempt to relate and evaluate the depression and loneliness that we all face as members of humanity in a sometimes cold and cruel world.

Demitri Vassiliadis is an illustrator and Graphic Novelist from London, currently based in Tokyo, Japan. He draws inspiration from the unique urban landscapes, and the legions of people found between our industrial society. In his work characters in states of crisis inhabit dark, dreamlike worlds in which the line between the synthetic and natural is blurred beyond distinction. The environments are often characters in themselves, and themes of depression and loneliness are explored through horrific and surreal like imagery.

Follow his work at

neon 1

They Live Again

A funnybook sequel to They Live (the 80's John Carpenter movie). Refusenik John Nada’s back and he’s still out of bubblegum. Together with his Mexican chum Caliber and Jamaican would-be girlfriend Precious, Nada battles Trump (a Venusian ghoul), Putin (a shapeshifting human booger) and a host of alien yuppies and critters.

Barry has two ongoing series; The Fermenting Men, about heavy drinking and cosmic horror, and the adventures of Bryn Starchaser, about an English teacher/ space commando. Like most people, he barely can afford to live in London.

Follow him on Instagram at #NAME?

they live again 1

Laserman #1

LASERMAN is the World's First Indian-American Superhero.

Created and copyrighted in 1985 by NYC public high school art teacher RAJIVE ANAND when he was just twelve years old, LASERMAN™ is the story of WILLIAM KHAN, a high school student from Jackson Heights, who, through a technological device, miraculously transformed into PURE ENERGY.

In an epic story of discovery and transformation that spans East and West, our young hero William realizes that he has the ability to travel on any form of communication- as pure energy- at the speed of light. He also fires a laser from his third eye- but at what cost to himself and to the
people he loves?

This comic reads like a classic, echoing the likes of Amazing Fantasy #15, and Rajive is an extremely enthusiastic creator, he brough Laserman to life with all his heart and sweat!

Follow the adventures of Laserman and his creator at

laserman 1


Mikey is a f*@k up, always has been. But when his estranged daughter, Laurie, gets back in touch after twenty years of f*@k all he thinks he;s got a second chance. But Laurie doesn't need a dad she just wants a getaway driver."


Jed McPherson is a comic writer. He's mostly known for Deadbeat: a neo noir thriller about a young woman reuniting with her deadbeat dad through armed robbery. He's also the mind behind Jacob - a serial killer webcomic which he assures us is 100% not autobiographical. But he doesn't just write crime comics he's also worked on The Show - a deranged reality-tv satire kind of like the Truman Show as envisaged by Hunter S. Thompson.

You can find him on his site
There are comics there you'll probably like it.

deadbeat 1

Heavy Manners

A collection of thought provoking short graphic stories on the destruction caused by the world's most dangerous animals. Humans.

"Easily transferable to an audience outside of comics. This comic could easily find itself in any critical literature course in a university. Stevil criticizes and uses his voice and pen to chart a commentary on us. This is what cartoonists were supposed to do" (Praise for the previous comic on

Comic Books can't change the world. But comic book readers can.

Stevil's work is unashamedly political. He sees his art as a means of communication of information. Comics legend Jack Kirby once said "comics is journalism". But you won't find any superheroes here.

His artwork is more likely to be influenced by Woody Guthrie, Joe Strummer or Bruce Springsteen than other painters or illustrators. Though he loves Picasso and Jasper Johns. He used to love David Hockney until he disgracefully got into bed with The S*n.

He lives and works on a 70 year old wooden boat on the Thames.

E Mail Stevil at and find him at

heavy manners 1

Hard Core Pawn

A pawnographic collection of thought provoking short stories of racism, gender politics, capitalism, alcoholism, refugees, terrorism, democracy and, above all, humanity, told not through human characters but instead chess pieces.

"Hard-hitting and occasionally outrageously just goes perfectly to show that politics and farce go hand-in-hand, but we all knew that right?" PAGE45.COM

Stevil's work is unashamedly political. He sees his art as a means of communication of information. Comics legend Jack Kirby once said "comics is journalism". But you won't find any superheroes here.

His artwork is more likely to be influenced by Woody Guthrie, Joe Strummer or Bruce Springsteen than other painters or illustrators. Though he loves Picasso and Jasper Johns. He used to love David Hockney until he disgracefully got into bed with The S*n.

He lives and works on a 70 year old wooden boat on the Thames.

E Mail Stevil at and find him at

hard core pawn 1

The Night After

The Night After: A 24 Hour Comic by Andy Williams an intriguing one-off story, completed in the space fo 24 hours, a tale of grief, loss, and possible redemption, told in stark black and white, with raw emotion on every page.

Andy Williams has worked on project "The Longest Comic Strip in the World" with Alan Moore and "Orrible Murders" with Neil Gaiman as well as Marvel UK and Savoy Books. He is currently a member of staff here at Mega City Comics.

Follow his work at

the night after 1