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Written by Tobias Hamilton
Illustrated by David 'Davecavedraws' Patel

What do you know of insomnia and sleep paralysis? The fear, the pain, the sleepless nights? It is a constant struggle that can push people towards their breaking point. Timothy is one such person, as am I. This is our story.

Tobias Hamilton is an Anglo- Indian writer from London. His interests spans from science fiction to history and mythology. His aim is to reinvent how we look at stories and figures from history and myth through a modern lens whilst also entertaining the reader through vivid art from numerous freelance artists in the industry.

David 'Davecavedraws' Patel is an American illustrator and comic artist based out of San Diego, California. He attended the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and won an award of excellence from Communication Arts in 2013.

He also runs ultramarathons and is the creator of Superneighbors.