Free Comic Book Day 2018

Free Comic Book Day is this Staturday May 5th 2018
We open at 10am

We have loads of special Free Comic Book Day titles to give away, covering Super-heroes, Adventure, TV favourites, blockbuster film titles and lots of kid friendly titles.

In addition to the hundreds of FCBD comics we have to give away, there are a whole stack of bonus freebies including absolutely fab Avengers Infinity War posters, a huge Graphic Novel sampler from Humanoids, ex display posters, cinebooks, fantagraphics, Marvel & DC catalogs and samplers and plenty more. - Is everything free?
NO. All the major publishers put out a comic or two each that represents what they're about, or promotes an upcoming comic or storyline. We will have a wide selection available from the 50 titles being produced this year. The biggest selection will be early on, as comics will dispappear as the day progresses.

- Can I take as many as I want?
There are restrictions to how many comics you can take away. Whilst they are free to you, we have to pay for the comics, and also we try and make sure that as many people as possible get a chance at getting something.
We ask people to make a minimal purchase (just £1) to take part (and we will give you that £1 back in the form of a money off voucher), and that allows you to chose a comic. If you would like more, you can get up to 5 free, dependant on the purchase made on the day.
We don't allow people to take multiple copies of the same issue.

- Will it be busy?
If pervious years are anything to go by, then YES. It gets very busy
We may have to limit the amount of people in the shop at any one time, if things get too busy

- I'll be along when the crowds have died down. Is that OK?
We try to get enough Free comics to last all day, but every year we're busier and busier. The later you leave it, the less likely we'll be to have any free stuff left.

- I can't make it on the day. Can you reserve them for me?
No. The idea of the day is to enourage people to frequent their local comic shop in person. If you want to participate, you need to be here