Bandit Cat Crew TP Vol 01

Bandit Cat Crew TP Vol 01

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Written and Drawn by Tom Wilson

The evil Vanaris is free from his icy tomb! Hellbent on revenge and armed with a plan so fiendish he aims to destroy the gods themselves. The magical stone tablets created by his father make this all the more easy. Although, enemies from far and wide will stop at nothing to attain this power!

There's one thing that no one counted on... THE BANDIT CAT CREW! With their speed, cunning and power will they stand a chance against a would be god?! Only time will tell. Perhaps Vanaris will be the least of their worries.......

From creator Tom Wilson comes "Bandit Cat Crew" combining action, humour, magic, martial arts and supernatural suspense, these adventures will leave you clawing for the next issue!

Tom Wilson is an artist and creator from Manchester in the United Kingdom. Starting
out his career as a street artist, he quickly moved into developing story boards which built a strong passion for comic book art. Using his skill set brought him into teaching children and teenagers with difficult pasts. Allowing them to express themselves through the arts. He now works as a full time artist and self published writer.
Tom Wilson currently writes two ongoing comic book series BANDIT CAT CREW and VICTOR VAMPS. Both titles under his own publishing house MERAKI COMICS.

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