TShirt Size Guide

This is our guide to t-shirt sizing.

  • Size S (36"-38")
  • Size M (38"-40")
  • Size L (40"-42")
  • Size XL (42"-44")

The sizes shown in brackets are the size of chest that the t-shirt is designed to fit, and not the size of the shirt itself (which will be bigger). For example - Size M (38"-40") - means the shirt is designed to fit a person with a chest size of between 38"-40". The actual size of the shirt will be 40"+.

All sizes are approximate and actual shirt size may vary from design to design.

If you do not know your chest size, measure the width of your chest just under your armpit, across your chest, from armpit to armpit, and then times this figure by 2.

Some people prefer a tight fit, and others a loose fit, so you will need to use your own judgement when choosing the right size for you.

Please note that we offer t-shirts from a wide variety of different suppliers, and sizes do vary from supplier to supplier. The sizes shown here and with the t-shirt descriptions are average sizes, across all ranges, and do not apply to any one particular shirt. Actual shirt sizes can and do vary to some degree between different designs.

If you wish to exchange a shirt because it is the wrong size for you, you will need to return the shirt to us (at your expense) in perfect, unworn condition, and you will be required to pay the postage cost of mailing out any replacement.

Please note that we cannot exchange or refund shirts, unless they are retuned in perfect and unworn condition.